I have not eaten for two days now. No, I am not fasting but I am in great anguish and shock. 

We have been friends for five years and the last time I saw him, our discussion was centred on the same matters.

He told me about his newfound lover in the fellowship and how they had sex the previous day before coming to my place.

He said, "It was pleasurable as usual and we enjoyed it".

"Bad boy", I said to him as we both swerved in laughter.

We hadn't seen each other for a few weeks and of course, we had a lot of packaged gist for each other. He told me all about his latest escapades with Gift who happened to be one of his so-called mentees.


What about him? He was the lead pastor in my fellowship, a vibrant brother, and very active but was my partner and friend in sin. We discussed until we both got exhausted before he left my place.

How do I even explain this?

Just the day before yesterday, as I sat in my room awaiting the arrival of a plumber, my phone rang showing Gbenga's name on the screen, without hesitation, I picked up only for the caller to tell me that the owner of this phone was involved in a disastrous accident and had been rushed to the hospital.

I was hit with fear and instantly lost my composure. I launched into uncontrollable tears as I remembered all the ridiculous things we engaged in until that very day. 

In our last discussion, he told me he was going to Sister Ronke's place but we both knew that the aim was not to go and pray alone but to prey on the innocent lady and devour her on the bed of fornication.

When I finally got to the hospital, people were in a sad mood but were praising God that such a devoted soul had returned to heaven.

I looked at everyone in pity because deep down inside me, I felt great guilt as I remembered all the things we had done together in secret. 

The lies, the fraudulent acts and sexual sins.

Is that how death comes? Like seriously! 

No preparation? It came knocking.

No space was left for him to repent. 

Beloved, do you know life might end today? Do you also know death can come suddenly? 

Are you really what people know you for when you are in secret? 

When a death appointment calls, where do you think would be your destination? 

Examine yourself and retrace your steps. Tomorrow might be too late!

Be prepared.

Live with the consciousness of eternity in view.

NB: Fiction

_Faith Agi.

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