Consenting means giving a "go ahead".

The principle or rule of thumb is that what you don't give consent to doesn't rule over you.

We see this played out in the Garden of Eden which led to the fall of Adam and Eve.

The Serpent only sought the consent of man and they did pour out.

What about Samson?

Samson wouldn't have lost his ordinance and purpose if he had held firmly to that which has been said of him without having to put himself at the mercy of destiny killers. 

Delilah persistently sought his consent and gradually he poured out.

The reason why the devil would throw that thought of failure at you and then it seems as though it is coming to reality is that you have come into agreement with the voice of failure.

You have in you the potential to shun the voice of guilt, rejection, failure, pains, and sickness provided you understand your place in God and you keep holding onto it.

Proverbs 1: 10 makes it clearer and specific " When sinners entice, consent thou not".

Does this mean sinners won't entice? capital "NO".

However, the point is that the thought of failure, the thought of not getting to where you think you ought to be and so many other thoughts that are set to hamper you would not stay in your life unless you permit them and thereafter keep allowing them to have a place in his life. 

What becomes of it all is that they accumulate. 

They accumulate into something that would need a great deal of effort to deal with.

Wherever you are now or where you will be tomorrow point earnestly to your consent. The moments you need to say "Yes" or "No"

What you don't say Yes to don't become Yes in your life. Nothing is as powerful as a man's consent in major decisions that pertain to his own life.

Don't allow the problems around you to shut you up and don't permit the ups and downs of life to relegate you into a state of emptiness. 

An illustration; If a man proposes to a lady by saying, "Will you marry me?", it demands that the lady agrees to the proposal before any other thing can take place. If peradventure the lady refuses to say yes, the man has no power to force her to accept the proposal.

That is how it is!

If you don't say yes to fear, then fear has no grip on you.

if you don't say yes to vain thoughts and an unfruitful lifestyle, they have no hold over you.

Our consent will either make or mar us.

Before you say " Yes" or "No", thoroughly have a conviction on the inside of you that establishes that you are taking the right step.

Your decision per time is a very vital part of your life and journey.

Be very intentional about whatever decisions you will be making from now onward.

You are helped.

Faith Agi.

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