FIVE Secrets of a Happy Marriage.

1. Happy couples argue too. I mean, very happy, everything-going-on-well couple argue about little things here and there. Bible believing, tongue Speaking couples have pockets of disagreements too. No matter how neatly compatible you think you are, you will always have traces of differences in many areas of your marriage. Don't assume you are not being loved by your spouse when those moments of arguments come. Don't think some demons have found their way into your home when you start arguing about little things like who forgot to flush the toilet. These little arguments are bound to happen. 

The goal of every couple however is to make sure that those differences don't become irreconcilable.

2. You will lose the joy in your home quickly when you focus on your partner's weaknesses more than you celebrate and appreciate their strengths. 

The earlier you know that your spouse will not be able to satisfy you in all areas the better it will be for you to make room for his or her inadequacies. This is one ingredient many married couples lack, they haven't made accommodations within themselves to cover for those things their partner cannot do, and those areas where their partner come short. 

Making room comes with making sacrifices, which is the hardest part. 

3. Your partner will go through many changes at different seasons of their life; childbirth, job changes, business rebuilding, etc. In marriage you have to make a consistent decision to stay attracted to your spouse for that marriage to stand the test of time.

4. In marriage the temptation to be very busy with other responsibilities can be really high, but ensure you prioritize your sex-devotion in marriage. Alot of people say a couple shouldn't have a time table for sex, that sex should be done at random. I say that is not entirely applicable to very home. Let's not enforce ten commandments in the bedroom. Create a timetable for it if you both know your marriage needs it, set alarms with date reminders if that can help. The moment you disconnect from each other intimately your marriage begins to go south. 


5. You can try, but the success of your marriage depends on your relationship with God. Any couple who do not make God the centre of their marriage will always experience crisis beyond their control. Make praying together a necessity, like the air you breath. Set spiritual goals for your marriage by seasons, and chase them together. The realms you enter as a couple depends on your push. The Holy Spirit will stop with you where you stop with Him. 




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