ARTICLE: WE AND NOT ME_ Peculiar Emmanuel


The woman who wants to cook for a party eventually tries out burning just a stick of wood to  cook and eventually the food all got soaked up because the wood couldn't generate enough heat to boil what was cooked.

• The fire died out early

• A little wind blew off the fire

• The heat couldn't produce so much to meet up to time for the party guest to be served.

This is what happens when you want to host your revival by yourself. 

This is also what happens when you feel you are the only one qualified to push this fire and the younger ones need not to do anything.

If we burn together we will serve something hot and lasting to our generation.

If we burn together we won't die out in seconds

If we can sincerely burn together.

The Devil understands this and works with so much synergy..

The demons that were cast into the swine's called themselves "LEGION" they can be so united just to torment a person

Yet believers can't be united to sustain birth & sustain revival of a nation.

We know so much about starting a revival and so little about keeping the revival.

How do we do a 2 days revival meeting And the revival from the meeting eventually lasts for 2 weeks?

This move is not a move of Just all of me

Its is a move of all of us.

Kingdom partnership will be a major tool in sustaining this fire we speak of..

A piece of broom won't sweep as much as a bunch of broom will.

Its not about you.

Your name.. Your Vision.. Your face.. Your pattern

But when the revival fades off ..its no Your fault it's now Their fault.. 

For this end time move..

Partner with people who know the pattern

The agenda of God the Porter is to partner the clays to his vessels pattern..

If you are not the Porter, why break out of the moulded vessel?

We not Me!


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