"God showed me a vision of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche. In that season as God will have it, I didn't even know how to access it. And it's not in my repertoire to start pursuing men. I prefer to search them in the spirit. But God was leading me to a man. It was in that season he asked of me, "where is this young man? I hear of him, tell him to come and see me". 

Really! Immediately I went there. I prepared myself and when I showed up, the man laid hand on me, my body melted. Me that thought I have interacted with glory. Intensities are different ooh.

The man laid hand on me, it was not in the service, it was in his office. Take that power, I stood up. I was walking out, I collapsed. I checked myself, I stood  well aah aah! 

I have traveled in the spirit, what is going on here. I have contacted some dimensions, I have touched some weight of glory. I was walking, I fell again. Aah aah, Dunsin had to hold me. That was how they carried me from his office. He told me, go and and do a three days fast and come back. After fasting for three days, he took me to the altar. And that's when he spoke as a patriarch. He said "Every tongue that has risen against you, I cancel it".

You don't know secrets, do you know the battles that I fought in two years?. I would have crashed out. But the man of (Rank) he said "Everything that has risen against you, I cancelled it." 

He said "Every gang up, I scatter it, he said Every negative desires about your destiny, I stop it." 

And he was giving prophesies, commandments and laws in the spirit. When he was done, he said "Now, I plant into your destiny new dimensions, I opened this city to you. I write a commandment, go forward and prosper." 

I was on the floor. He emptied the bottle of oil on my head. And when he finished, he walked away.

See, if you despise men, you are finished. That is why some of the battles that should have pulled us down, when they came against us, they saw another mantle. Because a man put his spiritual credibility on you. 

His angels begin to defend you. It's a law in the spirit."

Apostle Michael Orokpo 





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