Hey you two,

No matter how long you two spend talking on the phone.

No matter the sweet things you share in your conversation. 

No matter the serious issues you address. 

No matter how loud you make each other laugh and how romantic you sing all the amazing love songs to your partner over the phone. 

Nothing, I mean nothing you've said is as important as that final "I LOVE YOU" before you hang up the phone.

This new week take the time to say it.

 Say it differently, with more fire in your voice. 

Slowly, like your life depends on it. 

Do not rush it like you are used to, this week be intentional and adventurous with every 'I love you' that comes out of your mouth. 

Add some more rhythm to the words, say it with a song, say it with a poem, say it with a short puzzle. 

Say it by reminding your partner of a treasured memory you have shared In the past.

Add something more to it. 

- I love you babe.

- I love you darling.

- I love your coconut head.

- I love you continuously

- You are my everything.

- I'm going to pause my heart until I call you again.

- Every victory is yours.

- Win today and always.

Sometimes we just assume our partner should know we love them. I mean, come to think of it its true. If we have been dating for over six months you should already know I love you, what's the need to keep saying it everytime right?

The I love you I said six months ago when we started dating is still valid, I haven't changed my mind yet, any time I do i'll let you know. 🤣 I'm just kidding. 

This week do not assume. Do not assume that making her laugh for two hours replaces I love you. Do not assume you have done enough after singing her all the songs by Johnny Drille.

I love you is the strongest AMEN you can say to each other after praying for hours on the phone.

I love you is a godly couple's HALLELUYAH. Make a committment to always end the calls with those words, and each time, find a sweeter way to say it.


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