Apostle Arome Osayi

I was on my knees Praying, that was 2002, 20th of October. God said to me ''I have prepared your wife and you will not miss her'' that was all He said.

Immediately that word was released, I went to Preach somewhere. While I was Preaching, I beheld a Damsel, she was fair to look upon 😀, she had the right height I wanted, the right eye balls, the right finger nails, the symmetry and the alignment of her body was good for me 😂

When I saw her, I said ''Lord, so this is what you were saying ?'' and I gave thanks to God...

I didn't know that what God said was ''I have PREPARED your wife and you will not miss her" God was showing me his commitment to ensure that I will not marry wrongly. I didn't know that was the meaning, I thought God meant that as I left the house then, he'd lead me to my wife. I didn't know. 🙆🏿

When I finished preaching and sat down while People were coming for counselling, guess who came for counselling first; it was that damsel 😀. I asked her what the problem was and she said that demons always torment her.  I said to her ''Ah! That's what I do, I cast out demons, that's my area of specialization 😂''. I wanted to drop a Proposal, instantly I lost my Peace. So I didn't propose to her. In fact, after I lost my Peace, I went back to ask God for mercy because I know what it means to loose my peace, it means that God is not with me on that matter. That's how loyal I am to God, I will make mistakes if I don't know, but once I know it's a mistake, I'll immediately retreat and ask God for mercy and help. 

So I left, travelled out of that city and went back to my base. I took a fast and prayed and said ''God, I saw a lady I liked and you're not happy with it, what's the problem?'' God didn't answer me even after Three Months. It was three months later when I was not Praying, God's voice said to me ''But I told you that I have Prepared your wife'', so from God's perspective, the functional word was ''PREPARED''. 

After He said that, I still didn't understand what He meant until that same week, someone told me about that lady I liked. The person said ''If she gets angry, it'll take 3 DAYS for her anger to Weigh and calm down '' 😂😂😂... So, when she gets angry, what they do is that they lock her in a Room and begin to throw her food inside the room and after three days, they'll open it for her to come out normally. 😂MY GOD!

If I had married that lady, so many people that have been to my house wouldn't have been able to come. That was when I discovered why God said that the functional word was ''PREPARED''. That lady was not Prepared for marriage. 

You'll always like what your eyes show you, but what your Spirit will show you is different from what your eyes will show you. Man's Perspective of beauty is different from God's perspective and when God showed me my wife now, I said ''No Lord, she's not tall enough, there's a challenge Here Lord'' BUT very soon, we'll be celebrating our 15 years marriage anniversary. In all these years I've been with my wife, I have seen and experienced PEACE! I know I will live Long because of the wife God destined for me. 

How many women can survive a man that every other day, he's on the mission field, Preaching? Always not at home, meanwhile the average lady wants her and her husband to be naked in South African beach running with candles 😂

When I talk at home, my wife doesn't talk back at me. This is our 14th year of marriage. If I'm angry and shout at home, she'll never talk, instead, she'll start crying, then I'll quickly go after her and start begging her 😂.

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