There's a worrisome trend I've observed amongst many young ministers that must be addressed.

I'm not sure if many people think that organizing a conference without any justifiable reason still counts as a great achievement with God but there's an obvious excessiveness about special programs that is becoming disgusting.

Many people have repeatedly asked if i organize any special meetings that they can participate but my answer has always been in the negative.

Of course, I certainly have nothing against special meetings and I minister at a couple of conferences organized by others but there are too many young people in ministry who think organising a special conference is a stepping stone into being a God's General and Kingdom Promotion.

One of the reasons I personally don't see any reason to organise a conference in my immediate location is because I've observed that whatever may be discussed or taught in such special meetings are already being communicated by legitimate servants of God in my immediate vicinity.

I have Big Brothers in the Faith who share similar Burdens and emphasize many of the personal burdens that God places in my soul.

So why will I want to still organize a special conference just to repeat the same things that are said in Churches three streets away from the location I pastor?

I'll rather just refer the teachings of these Big Brothers and their church services to anyone who's in need of those emphasis, instead of organizing a special conference in my own name and to my own glory only to echo and repeat the same burdens that senior colleagues are executing with better utterances and with a greater impact.

If you have no distinct "special emphasis" in your immediate environment, there's honestly no use organising a special conference.

It's a collosal waste of your time and people's time.

If what will be discussed in that conference is something that is "common truth", why should people travel far distance to attend it, when they could have gotten the same information in a location close to them?

This appetite to appear in billboards alongside Influencial Christian leaders must die in our souls as young ministers.

It's becoming a plague!

Some of us just need to focus on the small Churches and fellowship we pastor and head in intercession, doctrine and discipleship instead of organizing repetitive special conferences every other week.

So many have incurred debts in the name of organizing special conferences whose impact was so little.

Before you organise your next conference, please be sure it is not going to be another waste of time and resources.


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