This might be a little cozy.

It takes a strong person to keep a long distant relationship, a strong, disciplined and sold out to Jesus person, because this ministry is not for babies at all, there are just too many selfless sacrifices to be made.

For instance, you cannot be in a long distant relationship and lack the spirit of communication, unless you just want to waste your time and the precious time of your partner, valuable time that you both would have used to learn entrepreneurship skills 😀. 

Communication is everything over the miles. It is the real definition of love in a long distant relationship. You must love talking by force. You must love calling. You must love texting. Simply put, you've got to be baptized in the art of calling, texting and pinging, else the relationship cannot be sustained. Right next to this is also the spirit of listening. And this is even the difficult part. Since you cannot see each other face to face to read body language and observe their expressions, you have to be gifted in reading between the lines of their every word, carefully paying attention to the full stops and commas, pauses and breaks, including the ability to descern when something is bothering them and when they need more attention. Boyy it's a difficult job, to fully understand and relate with another person through the thin threads of a telephone.

But more importantly, you need the annointing of patience and discipline in other for you two to pull it through... 

Some nights you are going to need trust to love your partner the next day.

Some nights you are going to need self discipline to stay faithful the next day.

Some nights you are going to need a whole lot of patience to keep starving yourself in other to stay committed the next day. I know here you understand what I mean. A whole lot of patience to say no to a harmless happy hour.

Then, the boss of them all, you are going to need to make a lot of financial commitments. It is not a choice, this one's compulsory. Whoever said that love don't cost a thing had no idea what he was talking about. "For God so love the world that He GAVE ..." You have to really be a giver;

Your time, 


Mental resource,





More money,

And again I say, money. 

The calls and text messages are not going to take care itself would it? You've got to buy airtime credits, and stay talking on the phone for long. Normally you will feel no pressure when your data subscription expires, but when you have a baby, you cannot be comfortable without data for a day, cos you know how much social media helps you two stay in touch.

For some of us who like calling for long minutes,  we know how to stylishly slide financial provision into our list of things to pray For, and God honours it, because He knows we need money to keep His beautiful covenant going.

I have lost count of the number of times I walked home from work those days, just so I can use the bus money to buy airtime and talk with aunty at night. The sacrifices required in a distant relationship are not for babes, you just know you cannot invest this much on something you are not ready to see through to marriage.

How about giftings? Father Christmas will not send him gifts for you. You have to save up to put up love suprises for your partner. Depriving yourself of your pleasures, to make sure you do what you have to do.

Did I mention how extremely creative you have to be with your romance? You know you cannot say I love you the same way you said it last month? In fact, you can both be calling each other and talking on the phone everyday for hours and still not be communicating anything.

This ship is just so, hmmm, Halleluyah. 

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