The sad reality of a supposed great entity.

Living in Penury yet, envisioning tomorrows Glory.

The story of the lady... Beauty.

Her life is intertwined in deep struggle for survival, her determination has broken the gender barrier and she’s  wild on the struggle, giving her best, but  her best isn’t  all that is needed to make things right. 

Fate had written a script already.

If Fate wrote a tragic script

Can faith add some comic relief to it?

Beauty is 26, a young vibrant woman, zestful and brave, ambitious and resilient. A single mother of one, who is expecting the second. 

She’s heavily pregnant, but she’ll not just give birth to a baby, she’s pregnant of a better future, for herself and her children. 

Troubles coming Back to back 

But in few years her wealth will be from bank to bank.

She was betrothed to a comely young man, the gods of doom, who in the books, once  existed as the only thing that made sense in her life. 

He made pulp of her at will, and  for every pregnancy, he gave her a scar. Well, he exited her worst nightmare. 

The reality of a broken home dimmed the light of her son’s parenting. 

Her hopes of giving him quality parenting was truncated and he’s not even enrolled in kindergarten, fate said no. 

Now her decision is that education can wait, but for how long?

She watched the turn out of event put her vision of a happy life in jeopardy. 

She’s a graduate of Automobile engineering, and her dream is to establish the biggest automobile company the world has ever known, but fate didn’t capture that in the script. 

She had a Job... Why then does she suffer like Job?

While she waited for that one ray of hope, to come, riding on the wings of opportunity, she didn’t let the struggle tame her. So she started to make baby steps..

She became a mechanic in the street of lagos. Her motivation is this

 “This same street that made icons, will have me grace its hall of fame soon”. 

She said this to herself and to her son every day, before she resumes duty. .

She said to herself.. "We don't prepare for victory by sleeping, we prepare for victory by fighting"

They told her the job was masculine and she told them fate made her double as dad. 

In her words; “ I am his mother and his father, and I won’t shy away from the responsibility of both. 


Each drop of lubricant on her body, was an inspiration that greased her elbow, each smell of petroleum that overhauled her, fueled her  motivation. 

Each tear drop, was a seed, she’s hopeful to reap. 

She’s still on the hustle, working tirelessly, hoping that nights come at a snail’s pace, so she could multiply her stipend.

Jer 29:11

I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” It was a dark and difficult time for the children of Judah

She knew that the End is not what she expects but what God expects... If its what God expect she shouldn't expect anything less than Perfect.

There’s a day she’s patiently waiting for, the day success will pay her for not giving up. 

When the world will clap for for her...all nations standing up.

That day was coming, but the night had to be there for the beauty of the day to be appreciated. 

Weeping only endures for the Night.. Joy comes in the morning!

Till then, let the beauty of her determination illuminate her path... 

Hab 2:3b

though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come.

Muse: Ugomma Ugomma Ugomma.

© Kalu Nnanna Ifeanyi & Peculiar Emmanuel


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