Let me say something about appearance let's look at just one scripture Holy spirit help me. If you really want me to touch this topic if you can give me one popular scripture that says let a woman not wear what belongs to a man, who can give me? Deut what? Oh Lord I pray that your word will come with power set men free. 

The woman should not wear that which pataineth unto a man this was Moses giving the law of brotherhood as many translation put it, the woman shall not wear that which partaineth unto a man. Neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so are abomination into the lord thy God. So this is the scripture that have brought all kinds of things and we've had several people confused about all of this. I did a little shocking study so follow me 

We are going to examine just three words, the word parteneth in Hebrew is the word Keliy and this is what it means in Hebrew, we are examining this scripture because there are many believers that take scripture out of context that's why as much as possible try to get amplified. The word parteineth in Hebrew this is what it means; it means an article, a vessel, the word man that is used in Deut 5 is not the word Adam its the word Iysh and it means soldier it means warrior it means war 

Men that go for war now you understand the context, at this point Israel were always fighting, Moses was giving something very very powerful and so if this were to be arranged properly this is what it will be in Hebrew, THE WOMAN SHALL NOT PUT ON THE WEAPON OR THE ARMOUR OF A WARRIOR, NEITHER SHALL A WARRIOR PUT ON A WOMANS GARMENT. for all that do it is an abomination into the Lord. Women were not permitted to go for war. 

I hope you know that in Jewish custom women were not allowed to war. So moses was admonishing the people preparing them. It was an abomination according to the jewish custom that's why women don't go for war. Scriptural proof that's why Bathsheba was at home when the people went for war. Women going for war was not part of the jewish custom that's why a worst kind of war is that you kill men, women and children. Women and children were exempted. How many of you remember when Gideon was going to fight the medianites? The women and children were made to go back and then all the men were the ones who went.

So that's what its talking about he really wasn't talking about a man Adam, he was saying its an abomination to put on the robe of war, that when the men become so irresponsible to a point that the women have to wear armor and go for war it is an abomination into the Lord. And so these things were taken and we began to use them to teach all kinds of things 

Now that's where the concept of trouser came from , and several people have insulted the western world and I've heard on many pulpits, Africans and Nigerians ungratefully insulting the western world. Let me tell you what our African official dressing is, it was rags, animal skin,so if we are going back , that's what we should be wearing.

So many people have been misled and I know many books that have been written and many people have said if you wear trouser as a woman you are going to hell, 

The central message the bible states is two Christian character, backed up by modesty and decency. What the church should be addresing is modesty. In the Jewish days prostitutes didn't wear trouser, they didn't wear mini skirt but what they wore was transparent. And there are many people who are like that, they say OK o since you say don't wear trouser I won't, but what they wear can kill, so have we solved the problem?


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