For a law to exist, it means some things must be followed, must be done and abide by.

When we come or submit under a law, we have come into agreement with the law and a covenant. We, therefore, are now under an obligation which we MUST keep to.

The law of the spirit is life. There are requirements of this law of life and these requirements must be fulfilled only in those who live by the spirit through accomplishing his will and purpose.

Yes, we are no more indebted to our flesh but to the spirit because we are for Christ.

Being debtors indicates that we are now obligated by the spirit to allow ourselves to be used.

If at all there's a prize to be paid, it is to the spirit and the prize is the side we must keep to allowing ourselves to be led by the spirit.

Notice the word 'allowing' means saying "yes".

It's meant to be as the law of life says so that it can gain expression and work in you.

Now, if truly you give yourself to the spirit of God, you are free from sin, free from leadings of the flesh, free from death and have no business with them.

Your business now is to freely give yourselves to the master so that his will and purpose would be seen in and through you.

If you don't, how then shall you say you are under the law of life?

We're debtors to the spirit.



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