Dating an unbeliever is so stressful. First there is too much work involved in trying to conform them, then there are too many compromises needed for you to keep your own relationship with God intact.

You would have to convince that person of everything that concerns Godliness.

You would have to debate why sex should be kept until after the wedding, not once, but everytime you are together it's a struggle to keep your hands to yourself, a nightmare of running in and out of the room because you don't want the door locked. 

It is too draining to put yourself in that position where you would always have go back to your secret place guilty and begging God for mercy, week in week out. And you know how this rubs you of your spiritual authority and confidence in your relationship with God. 

How you don't enjoy the advantages that comes with being in a relationship I cannot explain. 

Having to convince someone to apologise after they did wrong.

Having to persuade someone to forgive and forget a wrong so little to even be offended about. 

How you always have to try to get that person to pray with you.

 Fasting is not even a schedule in your relationship. No spiritual oversight or authority you both submit to, because you are with someone who does not regard that protocol at all. 

Getting them to church needs special intervention, they prefer to stream from home because church is in the heart. Most of the time they only have one eye in the stream and another eye on a Netflix series. 

You need to explain how you are comfortable knowing that you are in a relationship where you both cannot feature in the heart and plan of God for a generation, because you are not in alignment to His will.

You need to explain it to me, how you still want to continue this relationship in 2023. 





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