I see marriage as God's covenant assignment. 

Don't know about you, I just have a very different way of viewing the concept of spending the rest of my life with someone else. Before making up my mind to pray about marrying Chocolate, I already had this resolution on my mind that, "Lord, I don't want to get into all of this different issues surrounding finding the right person and falling for the wrong one, I just want to treat this marriage covenant as one of your  assignments for my life."

I said, "Lord, give me one of your precious daughters, and leave the rest to me, I will figure out how to love her the way you want me to love her, and my mind will be at rest too, because I know that you will impress on your daughter the urge to love me the way that you want me to be loved too."

This means that 'ME' doesn't matter, as long as she is from you then she has nothing to worry about.

I don't want to ever have to worry about all those compatibility theories, I will keep shifting shape to fit into her life, as I know you will prompt her to do the same for me too.

I know this is a difficult call, because I have to be ready for whatever comes along, but I know that anythin that comes from you is good, even when it is broken its good, even when it is complicated its good, and if everything that comes from you is good, then it is my assignment to make it better. 

I am ready to bend the most.

I am willing to adjust the most.

I am ready to forgive the most.

I am ready to apologise the most.

I am ready to be the one fighting for our marriage the most.

I am ready to have the least mood swings.

I am ready to be the one to have Coldstone and Pizza hut on speed dial.

I am ready to be the one that calls the most, and the one that always remembers to texts.

As long as she is from you, I'll keep treating her like an assignment.

Do I have a witness who wants to marry God's covenant assignment? Or you want to struggle with figuring this thing out on your own?




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  1. Am blessed with this article, it has changed my ideology about choosing a life partner, I don't need to struggle, All I need is an assignment