This thing about peace in marriage, for men, this is the best gift that any woman can add to his life. Any man who doesn't take his peace of mind seriously when choosing a wife is only sharpening a knife that will cut him to piece in marriage. 

Peace? Hhmmm.

The grace to come home from work to an atmosphere that values your worth and presence.

The ability to naturally command the respect of your household and lead them in the ways of the Lord.

The joy of knowing that your family sees you as a man with spiritual presence and relevance that can bring kingdom governance in the home.

The comfort that comes with knowing you can provide for your family and your wife is content and grateful for what your hands are able to produce.

The sanity that marrying a woman who does not only honour you as her husband, but also honours your family and is at peace with them.

Peace? Knowing you have no need to hide your phone or lock it with perpetual passwords because your wife is not a snopp dog and a CIA agent, she trust you so much to know you are doing right by her.

That feeling that comes with having access to your wife's phone whenever you want to, because you both are transparent with each other. 

Oh, the glory of knowing that no matter how hard the argument or disagreement become, you are married to a woman who neither goes to bed angry nor carry unforgiveness in her heart.

This is something that big butt or slim shaddy cannot give, no matter how flashy her curves are they cannot produce joy. Maybe they can, but only for those 3minutes in bed. 

The peace a man needs is the one that comes from the depth of  a woman's soul. The peace that she carries on her own, the joy that she experiences on her own,  independent of her body shape, looks or her ability to cook good meals. 

Single brothers please, coming home to a peaceful and bubbly woman is not an experience you should miss in your life. 

Coming home to a woman who will not remind you of the achievements of your mates is underrated.

Coming home to a woman who will not compare you to her father, pastor and brothers is heaven on earth already.

Please marry a woman who will make staying at home something to look forward to, one whose company is a stream of peace. 




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