"Our results came out negative!"

"...I was diagnosed with HIV, ....my life became a miserable one. I was dying. I was at the general hospital for my drugs, when one of the hospital staff spoke to me that if I attend her church meetings, that I will be healed. I asked the name of her church, because there is hardly a popular miracle church in Warri that I have not been to in search of healings. I became tired of these churches and pastors, because all they would tell you is to sow this and sow that. And I have become tired of sowing seeds. So when she said her church is GodHouse, I thought within me, "which one is GodHouse again.."? But something in me seem to tell me to come. So I asked the days of meetings and she told me Sundays and Wednesdays. Then she said they have a healing program going on.

That evening I came, and pastor taught on the topic, " the healing name", and prayed for the congregation.

The next day, I came, and pastor taught on the topic "the healing faith", and led us in series of  prayers. 

When I got home that night, I knew that I would be healed. 

I called a woman, who also has HIV, ... we use to meet at the general hospital for drugs, that she should attend the meeting, ...I told her that I believe she will be healed.

The third day, we both came, and pastor spoke on "the healing hands", after which he laid hands on everybody.

We both attended the rest of the meetings.

The following week, ...we went for another test, and our results came out NAGATIVE!

We went to other Labs, ....they could not find HIV in our bodies anymore!. Jesus has healed us.

I have come to give all the glory to God. 

God is in this place!

Tomorrow, 9AM 

As we teach the word, the power of the Lord will be present(manifest) to heal all manner of sicknesses, and all manner of diseases; freely and easily!


It's Jesus shown alive, in teaching and supernatural ministries, With indelible impact. 

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The Spirit says COME!

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