Trust me aunty, you will never need to worry about keeping your man with a special package if you can just invest some quality time, energy, money and prayers into making your man's package special. 

Men need love and attention too, this is something alot of you don't seem to understand. You all think we are stone cold without feelings and emotions, this is the reason why you always want to buy us boxers, singlets and white handkerchief as gifts because we only came to this life to dance cultural dance 🤣.

What I'm trying to say is, we have those feelings and emotions too, just like you. Men want those tasty meal delivery at the office too, just like you. It is not written anywhere that it is the duty of a man to bring you a special package from work, you can do the same too. 

For men its the little things actually. 

You are dating a man that owns a car and it has never for a day crossed your mind to accompany him to the mechanic where he services his car. A man spends the whole afternoon fixing his car at the mechanic shop and it doesnt cross your mind to bring him even a bottle of water, and just sit there with him while he gets his car done. Never has it crossed your mind. You don't even know the joy in taking lunch to him, but when it gets to your turn you want your man to bring the whole Chicken Republic and Coldstone to the saloon where you are having your hair done, and still sit there with you for 8years to finish the hair, then you'll still be eyeing him to pay the bill. You are doing yourself my sister.

Men are fragile too, we can look like a big lion on the outside but we are like little boys at heart. We also have a love code you need to study and understand, find it in yours.

Listen, you won't need a special package if you can treat your man like a divine package.

Prayer houses and prophets won't hold him down for you, what will hold him down is a consistent prayer life.

You will use kayamata to hold down your man because you cannot hold down a good character. 

You won't need to rub any funny thing on your body to keep him, the annointing dripping from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet is enough to keep your man hungry for you. 

A divine man will stay with you not because one chief priest commanded him to stay, he will stay because it was God who brought him to you in the first place.

Find the emotional side of your man, and keep pampering it.


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