These days any motivational speaker or preacher who wants to score cheap point the first place they build on is ATTACKING PRAYER!

You begin to hear stuffs like;

"Prayer cannot make you rich if not prayer warriors would have been the richest, prayer cannot make you successful, prayer is not a strategy bla! bla! bla!!!

They will not tell you that Hard work does not make people rich if not every Hard worker should have been Rich but they will do so with prayer.

They will not tell you that PVC will not change Nigeria if not Nigeria should have been changed by now, voters card has been in existence since. Is it today people have been using it?

Millions of people have been using the voters card but all their votes got us in the mess of Leadership we are experiencing now.

They will not tell you this part.

But they will make sure they tell you that Prayer cannot change Nigeria that we have been praying since.

The Devil will stair them to that path to make you see less of prayer.


Absolutely Rubbish!!

They want to attack you where you cherish most to score cheap point as "DEEP" 

I will say this to the man who cares to listen. No man who has a working prayer life will tell you that prayer is not a strategy. 

Mark zuckerberg engages in Extensive meditation drawing energy from the universe,

Bill gates, Elon musk and many others they all engage in meditations drawing energy and inspiration from the energy of the universe.

They don't believe in God.

But they have a form of engaging their spirituality.

What do you think we do when we pray? We are simply drawing energy and inspiration from God.

Understand that this speakers who toll these line especially in religious gatherings are simply employing a speaking strategy;

"Poke them in the area they cherish most and the whole of their being will open up to receive new ideas especially for the weak at Heart"

This is the strategy,

I employ it too when I want to speak to people especially in an engaging way. Its a key way to arrest their attention and keep them vulnerable to whatever you have to say, but never will I do that with prayers.

This is what they do to you.

So you go back home working more than you pray. The effect of that is that the more you succeed the more distant you get from God.

You have no time to pray,

Its from work to work.

You look around your life and you can't find God and prayer in the equation of your success, it's all about how much you think, plan and strategize.

This is the fruit of such knowledge.

Prayers is convertible and profitable unto all things.

You want it to be a strategy tool?

It can be converted for such purpose. It can be a bringer of strategies.

You want it to be a source of money?

It can be converted for such, it can be used as a tool for divine guidance, financial favours and protection from financial loss. 

Prayer is that powerful!

Prayers done with understanding of God's word is the most effective result mid-wifer.

May we never get to the point where when we are asked to talk about our success story, it's all littered up with how much we think, strategize, work hard and nothing or nothing is said about God (prayers).

I do not want such success.

Don't tell me about the kind of success that I can get without prayers.

Any success you do not depend on God's presence to leverage on will take you out of his presence. 

Good news is; You can succeed outside God's presence.

Bad news is; your success will take you away from God's presence.

Choose for yourselves this day what you want, but as for me and my Household we will seek God's Manifest presence more than anything else. 

We will work,

We will strategize,

But we will pray MORE!


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