CLOSE YOUR MOUTH ! _ Min Presley


Close Your Mouth😶

Most of us our problem is our mouth, we have announced informations or promises that should be kept secret.

Whether you like it or not, there are people close to you as friends they are enemies in disguise, that is why you have to be very sensitive and careful.

Most never received the promises made to them because they were so much in a hurry to announce to their friends,even most go extra mile to announce it to every living thing in their family including those not related to them.

We live in a wicked world,not everyone who calls you "bestie" has your best in their hearts.

Prophecy has come that you are born great or you will be great in life that should never make you to announce it to everyone you see, rather go into the secret place and birth it in prayers till you become. There are destinies extinguishers.

You want to travel outside the country don't announce yet till you're in that country. 

You want to get married don't become NTA news let them see you get married.

Shock them small😁

Joseph kept on saying "I have a dream" to his brothers, he never knew he was saying it to the wrong people who never believed in his dreams.

P:S Don't see anyone as your enemy just be careful.

In your heart, you might have said " but Joseph later became a prime minister" my dear, you're not Joseph, those trials he had were peculiar to him alone not you.

Moses,one of the outstanding deliverer of the ancient time, did not show up after leaving Egypt for 40years, God was preparing him mightly for his great destiny, that was why when he showed up he prevailed against Pharaoh.

Jesus Christ our Saviour, was hidden from Herod, even divinity at infancy was vulnerable.

 John 2vs 24 say, "He ( Jesus) didn't commit himself to men because He knew them"

Stop announcing your greatness let them see your greatness.

Stop announcing your success before time, let them see it.

Go into hiding.

Birth All in prayers 🗣till you become!

Photo: Apostle Johnson Suleman.

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