WHAT YOU LOSE BY NOT PRAYING || - Apostle Joshua Selman


WHAT YOU LOSE BY NOT PRAYING || - Apostle Joshua Selman

Let me tell you why many worshipers don't receive spiritual songs.

It's because they don't pray!

One of the proofs of a healthy prayer life is the reception of spiritual songs. 

You don't have to be a musician

There is a dimension of prayer that once you get to, you must receive melodies in the spirit, you may forget it after the prayer, but you will need it as a ladder to keep climbing.

I tell you why there are many stale songs in the church, it's because they are composed. Composed by an appetite to generate revenue.

There are people who used to sleep with guitars and keyboards and they will lie down and play for hours! hours!

That's how to be a worshiper, that's how to bring songs from heaven.

I tell you why many preachers are not fresh, they quickly open their Bible and browse on YouTube and Google. 

You don't prepare your sermon by studying, prayer gives you the coordination on what to study.

If you sit down with your note book and you feel, I already know what to say, I will talk about this and that, no!

When I go to bed, my Bible follows me, my book is there, my phone is there my laptop is there, everything that helps my spiritual life lies down on the bed with me.

You don't prepare a message by going on YouTube, you prepare a message by going to the SECRET PLACE.

You pray and pray and until it gets to a point where your spirit man begins to zoom around the central thoughts that the spirit is speaking, and that's how series upon series would come out.

If you do ministry and preach just by looking for sermons per week, you will not last one month, you won't have anything to say again.

Before the time of prayer, you may not have anything to say, but you just pray




You are going to pray and ask God, and say LORD, the Grace and the Stamina in the place of prayer, baptise me afresh with it   - Philip Ojealao

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