Every single preparing for marriage should make up a PRIORITY LIST_ Alyson Hyacintho


Every single preparing for marriage should make up a PRIORITY LIST. 

This is different from the idols on your checklist for marriage, such that if someone does not fit into the shrine you have created for yourself in the name of standards, you turn down the person.

Many marriage threatening issues will be avoided if you can build a priority list.

What Is a priority list?

This are the list of qualities that most matter to God and to you. 

This is a list of standards that can help you keep your own feelings and expectations in check.

A priority list says XYZ is an important factor I look out for before considering marriage, however, I can still do without them. 

Many of you, a fair lady might be very important to you, but trust me, when you draw up a sincere priority list you will realise that being fair is only a plus to the marriage, it is not a priority that ensures the sustainability of the marriage. 

Being tall might look like a very vital criteria for selection, if you don't marry a tall person you will die. But you know what? In reality, being tall is only vital to your own fantasies, when a priority list is drawn you will see that his height has nothing to do with the peace and joy of the marriage, hence you can actually do without it. Having a good height is only a plus to your romantic side. 

It's the problem with Many of you, confusing what appeals to your romantic side with what really holds the foundation of the marriage. 

Having a big bottom is a romantic appeal my guy. Big bombom cannot pay rent, big boobs cannot open a  savings account for the necessities of the home, it does not activate her helpmeet anointing, nor release the favour she carries, and at such it is highly negotiable, it comes as plus to the union, not as a standard requirement. You mistake this too much, that's the problem. 

I challenge you to pick up your dairy and draw up a priority list in order of how vital a quality is to God first, and then to you. The qualities that are adjustable and inconsistent should be at the bottom of your list.

Marrying from the same denomination only appeals to your religious side, it is never a glue that holds up a marriage.

 I repeat, that he worships in the same local church as you is only a spice to your future home, it is not the anointing your marriage needs to thrive through different seasons. However, being a born again believer from whatever denomination should be at the height of your priority list. I can manage the fact that one of us may have to switch churches, but its foolishness to manage the fact that one of us is not born again. 

I hope you can hear me really clear, I have made this complex issue so easy for you to get good success.

Ensure that the items high up your priority list are things that matter most to God and less to you. Satisfy God's requirements for a spouse first as the main meal and let your own preferences come as a dessert.

A good priority list takes away control from you and hands it completely over to God.

You know I love and pray for you.




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