Sometime ago, a sister who is a member of our church gave a testimony in church. This sister was active in the field of evangelism. One day she went out for soul-winning in Asaba, Delta State. As she went about her soul-winning assignment, a brother, who is also a dedicated child of God saw her preach to people and said to himself, “This is a wife material”. He then decided to ask her hand in marriage.

From that time, they got talking and their relationship grew. Later, both of them were miraculously posted to Abuja in their respective places of work.  Today, they are happily married.

The question is, had the sister decided to be an executive Christian in church, doing nothing for God and His Kingdom or refusing to be at the harvest field, would she have known and married the man who is now her husband? Even if she had prayed for God to settle her in marriage, God only answered that request at the place of soul-winning.

So, the place of soul-winning is a platform for answered prayers.

I met my wife at the place of Ministry. She was on fire for God, preaching in the morning in front of hostels. She was preaching inside buses and I was also doing mine. God used me as an instrument to touch her life, and at that place of assignment for God, we met each other.

Beloved, determine never to be an executive Christian. Make up your mind to win souls for God and the Kingdom.

The grace to serve in soul-winning is released on you in Jesus’ Name.



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