God never said you stop masturbating before you start praying. 

God never said anywhere that anyone should stop fornicating before they start singing and worshiping Him. 

Your Church can tell you that. 

The voice of guilt can also say it but not Elohim. 

Friend, this is what they told a young man during a counselling session. 

They told him to be 'holy' for one year if he wants God to do anything with his life. 

That he should stop fornicating for one year. 

Stop lying. 

Leave the sites where he used to watch all manner of por.nography alone. 

Leave smoking and drinking alone. 

Stop smooching with his girl friend. 

Try and leave mast.urbation. 

Before he should attempt to start taking the call of God upon his life seriously. 

But during this 'purification' process in his Church...

He traveled to Lagos to see some family members and has never returned even after 3years. 

Today his life is making the Devil proud in a big way in a big city like Lagos. 

Since then, the spirit of guilt has made sure he has never gone close to a Church building. 

Only because we were waiting for when he will be 'holy' for one year to allow him sing in the Church choir. 

We were waiting for when he would've stopped sinning to start serving God. 

And today we've turned him to an enemy of God because we never gave him the opportunity to join the process of God in Zion. 

Is this not why Obadiah said that upon mount Zion shall be deliverance(first) then there shall be holiness?(later) Obadiah 1:17

That, Zion is a school of process from deliverance to holiness. 

That those with their several weaknesses and in need of deliverance should continue singing and worshipping God in Zion. 

That one day they will grow into stature and outgrow that level and come into unity with the true Spirit of 'holiness'. 

Friend, I don't know what they told you. 

But 'abeg' don't leave that prayer after with your boy friend. 

Don't run away from those songs you sing to God because you think you're a misfit after that rom.ance. 

God understands more than any man would. 

The one that died for you loves you more than the ones talking about you. 

It's not bad to carry that Bible and still go back to that compound where they know about your escapades with your boyfriend. 

You're undergoing a process under the mighty hands of the veterans of heaven, you're not a hypocrite. 

No one comes into Zion holy... 

It's from deliverance to holiness. 

Please don't let anyone shame you for where you're now. 

Because in the days when God will begin with you, the testimonies you have now will be His greatest tool against the prince of this world. 

God hates surprise packages. 

That's why He built the eternal institution of zion to be process based. 

You're going through the process. 

Today up, tomorrow back... 

Today with great fire, tomorrow struggling. 

You have been struggling to maintain your stand. 

You're on a process... 

Don't be too quick to call it a day with yourself. 

God is not done yet! 

I am talking about that one... 

Those that are supposed to be looking up to you are looking down on you now. 
"En com be like say na house-help  job you com this world com do".

 I mean, being a slave to many weaknesses, failures, disappointments to self, family, friends, destiny and God. 

If in your walk with God, you have never disappointed God and yourself before... 

Then, leave this book ALONE! 

But if you've stumbled or still stumbling: "You fit think say God don taya for your matter". 

If you're such a one... Then there's still hope for you. 

This book has got something to tell you. 

You're on your way to freedom forever! 

This book is written in English and a mixture of pidgin because of the language of the kind people we've been burdened to reach out to. 

And this book is also free because of the kind of people we were sent to this time. 

We want to put it in the hands of addicts, 
se.x workers and trust God for mighty deliverance. 

While this book was still being written.. 

We sent a part of it to certain kinds of people and to the glory of God we have testimonies... 

We have se.x workers that mistakenly went through this book and the hunger to live such life died permanently till date. 

We're also with the testimonies of other people with many other dark experiences that we reached out to... 

And today those weaknesses are gone. 

Please this book is free, as I was instructed.

Feel free to partner with us to print more copies and send across hotels and brothels by next month. 

Let's trust God for mighty harvests. 

We're already at the final stage of publication. 

Friend, again, leave this book alone if you have nothing you're trusting God to set you free from. 

You don't need the knowledge. 

If you've never failed God or yourself before... 

Leave it ALONE! 

But if not bow your head 

Let us pray! 

@Kingsword AMADI 



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