I know a loving lady way back in my dating season. I used to drive one old 1960 Nissan then, one day I stopped by her office to pick her up, fortunately I was in the neighbourhood. On our way she asked me to stop by the fuel station. I thought she wanted to get something from the mini mart in the station, was surprised when she told me to pull up by the pump, came down, and asked the attendant to fill up my tank. 

Shocked was an understatement. Even though I tried to resist the gesture, she insisted. In her words she said she has been saving to do this for me for a long time. She knows how much I spend on gas everyday, so this week she wants to take the load off by filling up my tank to last the weekend. 

I was broken.

Broken because I have never asked her to do anything for me, yet she found a need and covered up for it in her own little way.

1. This is the first thing you need to learn about a gentleman. Just like you, he has needs too, but he will never ask. In a gentleman's head, he is thinking you should be caring enough to see the need he has and cover for it to the best of your ability. 

I know most women claim not to have money, when it comes to doing something for your man everday you are broke. Continue claiming the spirit of poverty, I wonder when you will have money. 

Men need baby boy treatments too. Save up something over time and fill up his tank as a 'thank you' for being such a wonderful man to you. 

If he doesn't drive, intentionally send him a credit alert and tell him it is for his transport to work this month, he shouldn't bother touching his salary, he can save it for the project he needs funding for. This is how to treat a man. We don't ask a woman for much, I mean anything. We are built for independence with a mindset of a provider. So it turns a man on to  see a woman who is caring enough to see a need and cover up for him without asking.

2. Pay in advance for his haircut at his favourite salon. Close your eyes and drop 5k for his unlimited haircut like a GLO ambassador. 

3. Is he a football lover? Pay for his cable subscription, just one month out of 12 months in a year won't kill you. Your man deserves to chop your money too. 

4. Please hold your transport fair when you are out on a date. It will be a nice thing to hear you say "Jon don't worry about me, I can pay my way back home." Not everytime you are stronging your face to collect N200 transport.

This is how you will out on a date with a gentleman and you'll be restricted to the kind of things you want to do or eat, because you are not the one paying for it. You can't try spaghetti margarita, who will pay? This is why many dates are boring, you'll sit at the coke stand and have boring conversations for 5 hours,  when there is a bowling centre at the mall but you can't go, cos shishi you don't have. Please carry money when going out, it spices a man's heart when you are also a giver. 

5. There is a popular theory that suggests that men are not emotional, that is false. Men are emotional too, call and check on your man's mother sometimes, and even send her some mother's day credit alert, then wait for her to tell her son how kind and caring you are with her, you will see the emotion in a man. Men love that you are in a relationship with his family as much as you are in a relationship with him. 

6. If he is currently unavailable to dispense cash, I mean if he is broke and can't afford to pay for things when you are out together, don't try and act like you work in Central Bank by jumping to pay for items yourself. That's wrong. Silently slip the money or your ATM card into his pocket, or his hand, and let him pay as a man. Many women need to learn this, even when you are with other friends, no one else should know your man is broke other than you. Cover him up before your friends, let him use your card, put the cash in his wallet, he will always respect you.




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