NSPPD prayer platform hits 81.4m views, 244m participants in six months


Nigerian online prayer platform hits 81.4m views, 244m participants in six months

Source: The Vanguard

Nigerian online prayer platform, New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations led by Pastor Jerry Eze has hit a recorded 81,439,509 views on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Mixlr within six months.

According to statistics collated from the digital platforms, between December 2021 and May 25, 2022, 19,005,969 devices logged on to the NSPPD early morning prayer programmes with an estimated 244,318,527 people at three persons per device.

By this record, the NSPPD is now the largest prayer programme in Africa, if not the world.

A breakdown of the data showed that the NSPPD programme had 14,694,805 views in December with an estimated 44,084,415 participants who logged in with 3, 126, 168 devices.

In January, it recorded 15,158,333 views from 3,465,059 devices from across the globe with an estimated 45,474,999 participants.

The number dipped to 13,830,965 views and 41,492,895 persons who took part in the spiritual exercise from 3,202,372 devices in February.

However, participation grew again as viewership topped over 14 million in March. An estimated 44,449,410 individuals watched on 3,564,619 devices.

In April, about 39,490,074 ‘NSPPIDIANS’ logged on to the programme from 3,059,342 devices. The system pegged the viewership at 13,163,358

The data also indicates that 29, 326, 734 persons took part in the NSPPD prayers across all media platforms with 9, 775,578 views from 2,588,409 online devices in May.

Cumulatively, the NSPPD prayer programme is believed to have achieved a record 81,439,509 views by at least 244,318,527 persons globally..

Commenting on the remarkable growth of the prayer movement within a short time, the NSPPD founder, Pastor Eze attributed it to the move of God.

He said, “I was also quite surprised and overwhelmed by this strange act of God. I can only describe it as ‘What God cannot do does not exist, It’s not about us; it’s just about end-time revival. It’s about the move of God. It’s just not about us; It’s about that outpouring (Prophet) Joel prophesied and reiterated by Peter on the day of Pentecost. I am simply overwhelmed.’’

Source: Vanguard

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