I AM OF THE NOBLES_ Alyson Hyacintho


You don't get it?

After you have seen how Joseph received an accurate revelation of his son Jesus, with specifics; name, purpose,  assignment and guidance to go with it.

After reading the scriptures and saw how Manoah received his son Samson, and the mandate of God upon the life of the boy.

After reading about Elizabeth and how he received her seed called John, and the accuracy of his purpose on earth that was released to her.

Did you not read about Rebekah and how she went to God crying to receive a word of knowledge concerning the great discomfort she was experiencing with her pregnancy? Did you not see how God told her that she was carrying two nations in her tummy?

How about King Lemuel's mother who could Prophesy mysteries concerning her son the king?

Or did you not read of a woman called Zipporah, the wife of Moses, who could decode the covenant agreement her husband had established with God concerning her children, and was discerning enough to receive a revelation of what to do in other to save her husband and her child.

After coming to the light of these possibilities, you still want to enter into a marriage devoid of the power of God. A marriage where you will use Google to search for a phonetic name to call your children, rather than staying in the secret place until a name is revealed from the coals of Zion, and the mandate upon the life of your child is released to you.

Jesus did not need to grow up and begin to find different ways to discover His purpose on earth, Mary already knew. His mandate and assignment had already been released to her at the point of conception. Even in an impossible event that He lost His way, all He needed to do was to ask his mother "who did God tell you I am?"

Ayayaya! Because Jesus had a mother who was working with God's blueprint for her child.

Are you planning to enter into a marital covenant where your children can turn to you and say "Tell me the heart of the Father spoken to you upon my conception." 

Or I should just mind my business.

If John did not want to go and tarry in the wilderness, Elizabeth would have led him there herself. Why? Because she was already aware of the assignment he was called to do, she downloaded his manual at his conception.

If Samson had sought to cut his hair, his father would have forbade it with all his might because he is aware of the covenant released to him by God. 

How about you? Will your children need to grow up and start chasing mentors to help them discover their purpose? Or you would just hand over the instructions and manuscript as received from God. Ayoo!

There are mothers who cannot wait to carry their child from one Apostle to another for impartation. And then there are mothers who cannot wait for their children to come out and start producing the fruits of the impartations they have released upon them right in the stomach. 

Which mother are you?

An expectant mother once told me that she has tarried so much with her pregnancy in the secret place that she is sure that the first words that will come out of the mouth of her daughter will be tongues.

Which mother are you planning to become?

There are fathers who cannot wait to take their child to church for baptism, then there are fathers who cannot wait to lay hands on their wife's stomach and baptize their seed in her belly. 

What kind of father are you? 

This is why my feelings are too small to lead me into marriage.

This is why my emotions cannot dictate for me.

This is why I cannot just settle for any kind of marriage because I'm under pressure to bring someone home.

I am of the nobles, I don't just marry, I enter into assignments!

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