FROM ROMANCE TO FIRE!!!_ Alison Hyacintho


I want us to have the kind of marriage where we will chase each other around the house topless, bend over kitchen tables, roll over comfy couches, and hang over smooth balconies, without loosing our authority to command demons and cause chains to break by the power in the name of Jesus.

I want to have the kind of marriage where we can dance shaku all evening, sing a duet over some beautiful karaoke from Backstreet Boys all night, recite love poems to each other like we are hosting the oscars till we fall asleep, and still have the spiritual audacity to chase ten thousand,  and put ten million to flight. 

I want to have the kind of heavenly marriage where we can turn our sweet kisses to FIRE.

Just like our worship, a marriage where the fragrance of our physical romance can be used as a spiritual weapon against the enemy. 

A marriage where we are powerful on top of each other, as we are powerful together on our knees.

A marriage where we can still pause to perform a miracle when having icecream together at the mall.

A marriage where we can scatter the partey when we enter, and still take authority over the atmosphere and principalities cannot contend. 

Fire is fire anywhere!

I want us to keep walking from grace to grace, realms to realms!

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