I know you've been patient with me for a while now,

Just be patient with me a little more, I'm trying to set a few things in order,

I'll be coming to you soonest, it's not far from now,

I know you ain't a helpmeet just for birthing kids but to help me with the vision God has given me,

I've found purpose, I'm tending and guarding what God has given to me,

I've heard the Instructions, I know you're preparing too because you won't fail like Eve,

Many don't believe God can give someone a wife but I will be a fool to say I chose you by myself,

If it's by who I was attracted to, I had preferences but none worked out,

I'm glad I finally slept, In my sleep, I found rest,

In my sleep, I've found peace 

Since He told me about you, every storm in my life ceased, you're indeed my Peace amid the storm,

Finding you wasn't easy, I went through a lot of distractions, and I stopped watching Korean movies. Jim Bo Bae and Kim Na Na didn't help my mind that I had to go so deep into God to find you,

I'll be a fool to tell you that I didn't involve myself in bad things, I was dirty and stinky in sin,

I've made mistakes, I've messed up but I'm grateful to Jesus for coming through for me, He's fixing me and my path is shining brighter and brighter,

You're my Green pastures,

He already told me that nothing comes in contact with you and dies,

Every seed sown will yield fruits,

I promise to show the best of seeds in and with you,

I'll teach you the Word, I'll have time for you and the kids,

I won't have a successful ministry and a failed marriage,

I don't care about all the happenings, we will be a model to many

I know you're building in the cave, don't be in a hurry,

Don't let anyone pull you out too quick,

The ministry God has given us requires a lot,

I don't need to find you on stage, I'm okay finding you in Him,

I know you may come across this sooner or later,

I believe you're somewhere around this wall and this letter will get to you

I can feel your prayers from here,

Thanks for keeping yourself for me.

I'll be coming soon, you'll be proud of me.

We will make Jesus proud,

I can't wait to fulfil my purpose with you.

I don't want to say much now, you'll see a lot in the book 

I'm getting my book ready for you, it's just an expression of my heart to you. I'll write it in volumes, it's called "SONGS OF STEPHEN"

Currents of love,

Echoes of affection,

Whispers of Rhymes,

I don't need to copy a line to write to you,

Inside my belly are streams of sentences, 

Well full of words,

From your future Husband, 


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