I finished my chores early that Saturday morning, while lying on the bed i decided to pray, so i started praying.

Some moments later, i started hearing someone blasting in tongues beside me.

Obviously, my roomie finished her chores and perhaps decided to lie down on the bed and rest, but as she lay down on the bed where i was praying, she too started praying, prior to that moment my roomie was still growing spiritually, but as she laid on the bed, she ended up praying for over 7 hours at a stretch.

Later that evening, she told me that she couldn't have done that on her own, but hearing me pray,  made her pray until even she was surprised by how long she spent praying.

I didn't even ask my roomie to join me and pray, neither did i lay hands on her, all she did was lie down on the bed where i was praying and prayer power hit her.

We are daughters of the consuming fire, offsprings of fire, we are highly inflammable.

You might see us from afar and just say ah ah, see beautiful ladies wey set oh, but before you come close let us give you caution, WE ARE HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE.

You can look at us admiringly for minutes, in your mind you are checking out a fine girl, but then suddenly you go back home and the next thing your eyes no longer want to watch that pornography, your eyes only want to feed on the word of God.

You are wondering what happened?

As you were using your eyes to check out a fine girl, the fire the fine girl is carrying, was checking out ungodly appetites from you.

You might sit beside some ladies and their seductive voice is making your hormones rise, but when we start speaking to you, what will be rising in you is your hunger for God.

You can shake hands with us and your cold altar suddenly start burning again.

Don't be quick to think every lady is Spiritually cold and is only after mundane things.

Don't write off the ladies of this generation until you meet us.


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