I have a confession to make, and this is my confession, although i am all grown up, i am still Daddy"s girl.

Oh! Do you know my Daddy? I am sure you must have heard about him, he is Adonai, some know him as Yahweh, other know him as Jehovah, he have many names, he is the creator of the world, yes he is my Daddy.

Like i was confessing, i am a Daddy"s girl, i talk to my Daddy about everything, and even seemingly small things, you know the best part of everything? Daddy is always there to listen.

Yes, i am not the kind of child that just go to my Daddy whenever i want something, i am the kind that can just scream his name just to tell him, Daddy i love you and i know he can pause all the Angelic voices in heaven just to hear me say that.

I am the kind of child that talk to him about my cravings, the guys that like me and the ones i am considering, just to know his opinion about them.

Yes i am all grown up but whenever challenges comes up, i look at them and tell them "I will tell my Daddy for you" then i run back to Daddy to report them.

Oh yes! I have fallen so many things but whenever i fall, i quickly run back to Daddy with tears in my eyes, and Daddy gives me a big hug while cleaning my wounds, and teaching me how to grow.

Yes, many do laugh at me for being such a Daddy's girl, and for clinging this close to my Daddy, but being Daddy's girl have saved me from being the Devil's prey.

And no matter how old i grow, i am not ashamed to say that i will always be Daddy's Little Girl.

Are you also Daddy's girl?

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