My best friend and love of my life recently came up with this game of giving each other N1,000 whenever anyone leaves the toilet seat up.

I don't have any problem with the game, it's just that I'm not understanding why my wife is so interested in eating my money, cos obviously this is a trap for me. 

So each time she comes around to collect her 1k for leaving the toilet lid open, I'll ask her how much I'm owing in total, so I can pay her all at once at the end of every month, don't come and be disturbing me for ordinary N1,000 everytime please, I have prestige. 不不不不不

This is from me to you guys, you know that month end will never end, shishi she will not see. If she thinks I'll just send her money like that then she's a 70year old war wife o, photooooooo! Dem never leave you? .

But quite honestly, to be sincere, it's been 2 weeks we started this game, in the first week she was always coming to demand for her money, not sure how much my toilet seat account balance is reading now, but in the second week I started noticing myself becoming conscious of my dealings in the bathroom. I double flush, and even triple flush most times, and I ensure the toilet set is closed before leaving the bathroom. 

Halleluyah, God did it. For one week now I have been making sure the toilet set is closed after me each time. I say 1 lobo she will not collect from me.

I'm sharing this with you, too many information I know, but if this will save just one home out there, we are privileged to be used as the scape. 

Dear couples, you don't have to shout and fight about somethings. In fact, about everything. There are better ways to get your partner suited to your own way of life, something they may not be used to before they met you. Don't demand a change by force at the expense of destroying the peace your partner brings to the home in other ways. 

You can talk about it.

You can adjust without causing your partner pains.

You can find a better way that works for your home.

You can find another way of getting the same results.

The only concern is make sure your partner is teachable, and that he or she loves God.

This is why we can never preach enough about marrying right, there are so many privileges and advantages you miss when you settle for someone who is not cultured by the Spirit. 

You will do with great labour, that which you both could have done with the ease of favour.

Stay blessed.





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