Some years back I was invited by a secondary school to talk to their students.

After speaking to the students on the effects of pornography and how it affects their Academic performance a young boy met me after the talk and began complaining to me.

He told me that he doesn't watch pornography but he experiences most of the things I mentioned as effects of pornography.

So I asked him if he enjoys watching movies with sex scenes and he said Yes.

I went ahead to ask him the difference between pornography and those other movies and he stood looking at me.

Finally he admitted that he watches pornography but not the Type that we all know.




Why am I bringing up this?

Some persons claim they don't watch pornography but enjoys movies with so many sex scenes.

Many others claim they are free from the web of pornography but are stuck in the internet searching for leaked sex tapes.

Why should you go to watch a sex tape when you already know it's a sex tape?

Why should you be so serious about watching a leaked sex tape?

You and I knows it's that spirit of pornography in you that is driving you to watch those nonsense.

I remember when BB naija was the trend.Some person's condemned the show but were secretly watching it because of the Nakedness.

See pornography Is a spirit.that you are not watching it doesn't mean it Is not existing in you.

One of the ways you know that you are a slave of such a spirit is that you are always having the craving to see naked pictures.

Pornography is not only videos of people who Are being recorded having different sex Postures.

I wouldn't know what is Your definition of pornography.

I want you to know that sex tapes are part of it.movies with uncensored sex scenes are part of it.

Pictures displaying nakedness is pornography.

Tell yourself the truth.

Nothing will make you start searching for Tiwa savage leaked sex tape if not for the craving and urge that needs satisfaction.




Dedicated to your Growth.






© David Chibuike.

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