"I will show up, but not the way you expect"

He said it, we believed it and that settled it.

Everything we expected to hear and see was invaded by the one who owns the Crusade and after the meeting the signs we are recording are proof that God is God.


Months of purging seized 

Left ear hearing problems solved

Sick person healed

Family break troughs

Constant migraine headache stopped

Eye issues handled.

Financial miracles

People discovering purpose

Almost half congregation coming for altar call

Young people baptised with the holy ghost.

And still collecting & recording.

My declaration:

• Its better to be a Fisher of men(souls) than a fisher of Fish.

Fish will last for earthly satisfaction

Souls will last for Eternal recognition.

• I don't want to seek for daily bread I want be be a distributor of daily bread;

For me to distribute it means I need to press to have what it takes to distribute for major and not to Hurd for minor.

We see soon, till our territory is colonized for Jehovah Jireh.


__ your brother; Peculiar Emmanuel

Special appreciation to God, FireClan family, the associate/sponsors Workforce, ministers, friend and family.





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