May He grant you out of the riches of His glory, to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in your inner self, [indwelling your innermost being and personality], Ephesians 3:16 amp.

Apostle Paul describes the riches of Christ as incomprehensible or unsearchable. In other words, they are inexhaustible. (Vs 8) Then he prays that out of the numerous riches of Christ, you be strengthened and spiritually energized. 

But this simply means that strength and spiritual energy are just few out of the numerous riches of Christ, and since you're co-owner with Christ, they belong to you! Spiritual energy is the stirred up or activated power of God within you! Able to work wonders.

It's not enough to have God's power inside of you. If it's not stirred up, you won't be energized. Just like water in a pot. It could be cold and calm. But once heat is set on its molecules, they gain speed and begin to move. The boiling water could throw the pots cover over!

It's still the same water molecules, but now they have been stirred. The rivers in you need to be stirred. It's just one of your riches in Christ. The actual stirring! Be energized in your inner man! Take the word in and pray and move! You're blessed. TCF.

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