Go to where you will be celebrated, not where you are tolerated_ Kingsword Amadi

 "Go to where you will be celebrated, not where you are tolerated. 

Go to where they are hailing you, not where no one is recognizing your grace". 

You have stayed in the choir for 6 months and no one gave you mic to lead praise and worship. 

You have not even had the opportunity by mistake to solo a song ever since you joined that department. 

Whereas they're even calling you in other Churches to come and be their music director. 

They're calling you for programs where the blind and the lame has walked....

And yet when you go back to your department in your local Church, no one cares to know if you're gifted or not. 

The people leading the songs there, you too know you're better than all of them and yet you're the most relegated there.

You have the contact of Steve Crowns 

You chat with GUC 

You have access to Chioma Jesus  

But you're about to lose access to the ear of your generation if care is not taken. 

Be careful if you're this person. 

You've seen your friends in other Churches release their albums and you know you're even better than them.

You've seen the kind of attention and respect they command in their Churches... 

And you're wishing you're like them. 

And you're wishing someone would also honour you in that place you're now,  just like your friends. 

Else you will leave the Church. 

You said if they don't give you solo, by next sunday you will leave the Church to a place where you will be celebrated.

Friend, we have so many half baked voices today because we're a people that cannot endure process. 

The princes of the territories you're sent to will not permit your voice to be heard in their territories... 

Because you've not suffered enough reproach to be conferred a value in the Spirit that they can see and have respect for you. 

The angel of reproach is my witness that he has made more weighty men than the angel of 'ride on Sir'. 

The Bible says: He shall see the travail of His soul and He shall be satisfied. Isaiah 53:11

There's a percentage of reproach you need Sir for that grace you've been praying for, Sir 

And that place you're now is your training ground. 

Why do you think a generation will bow to a man who has no scar like you? 

Why do you think spirits will have respect for your voice? 


All the days you were serving and no one saw you.

The days you came in the rain, no one talked. 

The days you came with your last card, no one saw you. 

But immortals saw. 

We're in the game of Spirits Sir! 

You don't know what's going on. 

It takes a lot for God to confer anything worthwhile upon a man. 

It takes many process, Sir 

Because one utensil cannot make a kitchen. 

It's bring here, bring here... 

If you rush out now, you will miss your generation on the road. 

There's a reason your story is not the same with every other person. 

If God is taking His time to cook a man, it means He wants to serve him to kings and nations. 

Don't say no one really understands. 

We all have our shares in this pain. 

Ask Nathaniel Bassey and GUC, they would tell you they've eaten reproach before God laid His mighty hands on them. 

Reproach confers a mighty anointing upon men, thank God if you're at the middle of one now. 

It may not even be a Church, it may be in your place of work. 

Sometimes it may not mean they hate you. 

God is using them to forge in certain realities into you that no prayer house can give you. 

Please take the pain...

Come out as gold! 

This is how to become an eternal excellency and the joy of many generations. 

Dry your tears and blow your nose. God is with you. 

You're a pattern man for a generation, they will come to learn ancient realities of Zion from you. 

That's why God is insisting on you. 

If you can see this, declare : INSIST ON ME! 

Let us pray! 

@Kingsword AMADI 







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