I understood quite on time what love entails, you has a lot more to do with COMMITMENT and taking RESPONSIBILITY. When I say "I LOVE YOU" what I mean is that I'm committed to you, come what may. It also means I have a responsibility towards you to help you become all that  God has destined you to be. 

My man wanted to make an investment, and he needed the sum of 500k to complete his money. He  asked for my help;  I prayed about it, and since I was in the position to help him, I gave him the money. This was my hard earned savings, you know...Well, it didn't mean much to me since he promised to pay me back. 


Six months later, the investment yielded a profit of ten(10,000,000)  million naira, no jokes. We were excited and we celebrated over it. Guess what? my man returned the 500k I lent him and added two million(2,000,000) naira to it. He urged me to use the money and make a profitable investment that would yield in the future. Smart me, I quickly contacted madam LandLady in the person of Mercy Okeke and I was able to get a land at two different locations, I was assured that in the next 3-4yrs the land will appreciate and I could choose to resale it at a higher price of about (6,000,000) or I would just build on it and rent it out. 

I'm so sure about our future. Our kids won't have to go through what we went through. My man made a remarkable statement to me and he said "My queen, one thing is certain in this life and that is: As I RISE you RISE as well, my GROWTH is your GROWTH and I will NEVER! leave you behind." 




Today I can beat my chest and say " AFTER ALL I DID FOR HIM" he didn't disappoint me neither was my expectations cut short. 




My lady, 

 BEFORE YOU SAY "AFTER ALL I DID FOR HIM" make sure you are not talking about your body because that's the least thing to give to your man. Eve was made for one purpose, and that is to be a HELPMEET to Adam, every other thing should follow behind. Stop going into relationships with the mindset of a PARASITE only to RECEIVE and not to GIVE.


 There's no greater giving than being supportive to a man's vision. The prove of love to a man is not your body but in your ability to participate and support him in any possible way you can. There's more to Relationships than "I love you, have you eaten? how was your day?" etc....

Do Relationship the right way. 





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