My heart goes to all singles who have denied themselves of worldly pleasures and sexual enticement for the sake of Christ; and in waiting for the right man or woman that God has promised. 

I understand what it means to be so beautiful and yet single. It really hurts when you see people who seem to be less advantaged than you are; moving forward maritally while you stay at a spot.

 I understand how it feels when you have different seemingly promising proposals and yet you turned them off in waiting for a brother you never knew. What about the pressure from family and friends?

 No one seems to understand your fantasy of GOD'S CHOICE that has kept you stagnant despite the fact that you're getting older and you're done schooling.

 To make matters worse, the pressure that VALENTINE brings is another issue. You celebrated last year as a single and you're still without anyone to celebrate with as your VAL. Its not because you're ugly or disadvantaged, it is just because you await the right man or woman as promised by God.

Let me tell you one truth:

Sometimes, God is building you and preparing you for the right man or woman. In fact, it might be that the only reason he hasn't brought you the right man or woman is because you are not yet done with the training and the building. 

There are some characters and qualities he wants to burn away from you and there are some others he wants to decorate you with.

Many of you don't understand that, God is actually waiting for you.

You left the choir because the music director shouted at you, little did you know that the choir was God's training ground for you.

You are not helping the church; you're doing the church any favour. You have more to lose if you leave.

Since the time you left, God has had to pause the training. He's been waiting for you to go back so he can continue building you.

While you say "God when?" He replies: "Son/daughter when?"

Could it be that some of us have angrily left certain places or certain people that God was using as tools to shape us?

You have totally ignored your mentor because you felt he was too strict. God sent him to deliver some messages to you but for many weeks now, you have been ignoring his calls.

Even when he told you to see him, you refused. 

Hmm... There is a difference between waiting and disobedience.

Some of us are actually disobedient, we aren't waiting at all. 

You know what is right but you're just bent on doing the wrong thing.

In all sincerity, some of us are not waiting on God, God is the one waiting for us.

He's waiting for you to stop those negative attitudes of yours, he's waiting for you pray certain prayers and clear some certain grounds, he's waiting for you to learn, relearn and unlearn.

It is still true that Jesus is at the door knocking. 

The day of your marital breakthrough is the day you humble yourself and choose to obey the instructions God has given you.

Man: God, when are you going to settle me?

God: Son/daughter, when your obedience is complete.

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