By Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche

I loved Ezekiel, and I still love him and his family with a passion. From that moment when they got the news to me, around 3 or 4 o'clock, that he was in Onitsha, I became restless till almost daybreak. Yes! I was on phone with the doctor. "So what are you doing now"? O yes, this is the kind of situation it is. It is a non-ST elevation malcardiac infaction. It is the milder type, we are on this and we are on that. How is the breathing? Oh the breathing is a bit cutting and hicuffing. So what about oxygen? Yes he's on oxygen currently, and so we were talking like that, and then the prayers went on. 

At about 11, they said they couldn't feel the pulse anymore. When that happened I continued to pray, and I said no, keep the oxygen on him, keep everything on him, and I continued praying, and praying, and praying, and praying. Keep the oxygen, don't remove anything on him. And I continued till about 1.30 am, then I saw him. I asked, why did you agree to die now? I said, "come back"! Do you think everything would be okay in your absence? He said,  'yes, they will be'. What of your wife? What of your family? What of the children? He said they will be fine. What of the church? He said they will be fine. Then he began to tell me about heaven and tell me about the saints making heaven. I wrote it down by 2.01 am of the same morning. You know my prayer? I said Lord, it's like he has seen this side and he's alright with there. If he would come back, you make him come back but as for him ... you make him... you tell him to come back. 

That was the prayer I went on to pray. I was a bit conscious whether I should share this, I felt I should share just with his wife, and I consulted with my people here, they thought it was important for everybody to hear this. I will give his wife other details of my encounter. There was not a trace of concern on his face, he said, 'don't you look at me? See how I am'. There was not a trace of concern at all, not a dime of loss, not an iota of anything spoilt. Only very few whether pastors or christians would step out of this life and find themselves how I saw him. Nobody knows. Now I'm not saying that anybody who is trusting God for his return should stop trusting, because my prayer was, "Lord if you believe that he needs to have more work on earth you tell him to come back". 

But as far as his position is concerned, he is settled and everything would be okay without him. Am I communicating? When I told my wife about this, she asked, 'why didn't you force him'? And I responded, 'in that realm you don't force people'. She said, " you should have compelled him, you should have forced him". I said no, I refused. I said that even myself in that realm, I was communicating at the level to which I was allowed to communicate. It's not a physical realm where you say, move, follow me, I compel you. It is a realm where people are free to make their choice. 

I believe that God showed that to me for the sake of somebody here and for the sake of you. we do not understand the whole event that led to that, but we understand where he is. We don't understand the whole event that led to where it ended, but we know his choice. We know his position. I was worried, he wasn't worried. I was concerned, he wasn't concerned. He said, 'cant you see me? look at me'. That was how far I could go to appeal to his will. My counsel to you is to go and make sure that when it is your time, you would be found there, it is to make sure that you work on your own personal and spiritual life. 

Any thing he lived for and anything he spoke about, the principles he espoused, the characters, the integrity, to stand on them and run with them. And for the leadership of the church, and anybody connected or associated, that this fruit doesn't die but explodes. John Wesley is long gone but Methodist Church cannot die; John Knox is long gone but Presbyterian Church cannot go. The foundation is solid, is massive. If there is anytime to show love for God and for that servant of God, it is now, to ensure and to say you didn't labour in vain. I will ensure that we watch after this labour and this labour does not perish. 

If I didn't see that thing, I won't recover till now. It may even be hard for me to be talking to you like this. It was the same night, we crossed 11, crossed 12, placed the phone on his ears, played tongues of fire overnight, right there. We did all of that overnight, coordinating from Abuja all the way to that place. Our pastor in Awka was to go there first thing in the morning, while I take a chartered flight to meet him on Monday in the hospital. 

The arrangement was intact before he threw it in the middle of the midnight and God knew my plan, he knew the concern, he knew everything, so he decided to give me an encounter and cause him and me to meet and talk. Not that I just say something, we communicated. Do you understand when you are communicating with somebody who has already passed. 

I don't know if you understand that. You are talking to his spirit and he's answering back, and giving you and telling you things. If nothing would make you to take courage, this word alone should. I'm not a nobody in his life. If any other person by the road tells you what I'm saying you may ignore it. But this is it, exactly 2.01 am of 21st February, 2022. So beloved brethren, this is the station, and the position, and the situation. 

Let nobody say there was a loss. It is only when somebody dies in hell that we have a loss. Any soul that exits this world and successfully steps into heaven is a loss on the part of Satan. Satan lost that soul forever, and heaven gained that soul forever. That was why Paul the apostle said, for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Stand up on your feet and let's pray.

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