MY 2013 JOURNEY TO ZARIA _ Apostle Jonathan Shekwonya

 I went to Zaria 2013 listen carefully to my story... Apostle Jonathan Shekwonya narrated

I sat down somewhere around the back, that was my first time. I went very serious like every other person. I didn't want to see anybody, I didn't know anybody, I went because I needed my life to change and I sat down somewhere around the back

While my father was teaching, I saw people jumping here and there under the anointing, I said my God what's this? I've never seen it in this fashion that a man is talking and people are falling under the anointing. I came back so angry with myself and I said Lord there can be more, there can be more, Enough of this powerless. Christianity there can be more, I've seen something and I'm challenged.

I came back to my house and locked myself saying, Oh God what did you do to this man? I met him one-on-one, he prayed for me and I knew that something was transferred when I came back. I sat with the word of God and I asked the Lord is this thing biblical? That while a man is teaching, power can be touching people and the Lord told me yes, and I came across it Acts 10:44 "While Peter yet speak the bible said the Holy Ghost came on the people"....

I saw it, I carried my bible, I held it close and I said ah, I've found it. I started travailing,  oh God may this become my reality, I refuse to settle for less, may this become my reality. And when it started happening I knew something was happening.

"You don't pray until you are tired, you pray until you see results."

Many of us have prayed nothing has been happening, please wake up. We live in a world that is governed by spiritual laws. It's not just angels that walk in this realm, there are also demons.

So you don't tell me you prayed, PRAY AGAIN. If you pray and nothing happens, PRAY AGAIN PRAY AGAIN.

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