If I was David, I would have settled at the palace.

I would have settled as a music minster. A man whose fingers did wonders.

I mean, David played harp without singing, yet the harp cast out the devil in Saul. 

What did the harp tell the devil? Well, anything in the hands of an anointed man is a weapon.

How would you convince me that I was not called primarily called into the music ministry? Can't you see that when I play strings devils flee?

Hmm... David could have settled as the personal music minister of Saul but, there was a deeper life. 

Can you imagine?

David came as a music minister into the same palace he would later reign as king.

You see, if you only guess your purpose by your abilities, you may end up playing harps in the place you're supposed to rule as a king.

If I was Daniel, I would have started my own ministry. With the kind of prophetic grace operating in his life, tell me why he shouldn't start his own commission.

Daniel could read the handwritings on the wall, he could know a person's dream and its interpretation without being told. He was having diverse encounters with different angelic beings. He had many visions of things to come.

He had discernment.

He knows how to pray and fast to bring down God's hands.

Please tell me, what else makes a MAN OF GOD?

If I was Daniel, I would start a Prophetic ministry.

But the truth is, his Prophetic grace was meant to be used at the palace. He was going into governance with all the graces on him. 

Maybe you think a man who heals the sick and raise the dead should only be found on the pulpit.

Kai! Watch out for a new generation of politicians. Men with accurate prophetic grace. Men full of power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

Watch out for men with strong healing grace who would only work as teachers in secondary schools.

Some will only work as medical doctors in the hospital.

Oh! Watch out for great teachers of the word who would only teach in their church's Sunday school department. Their major platform will be in the university. They'll be there as lecturers.

These are the days of men who would go about doing good and healing all that oppressed of the devil, just like Jesus did.

They won't start any church or ministry, they minister as the go on with their daily lives.

They'll give life to the commercial motorcyclist who took them. 

God does not just needs men on the pulpit, he also needs men in the market places.

Some of you are going into politics with all the anointing on your head. Don't be too quick to settle for pulpit ministry. 

Some of us don't need microphones at all, what we need is stethoscope. You won't be a mere doctor, you'll heal sicknesses that have defiled medical knowledge.

Don't let people push you into pulpit ministry. All of us will not go to the seminary.

For some of you, your seminary will happen in everyday situations. God will train through circumstances of life.

The summary of it all is that, gifts or talents do not totally define your purpose, they may give an indication.

Your purpose is hidden in God. As you journey with Him, you'll begin to find out.

You may start as a music minister and end up a preacher. Just journey with God through the process.

I hope this helps someone.

Let us pray




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