✨Get a massage, facial, your nails done and pamper yourself in your best beautiful way

✨Start packing your stuff's in a kit for easy accessibility. Your Outfits, Accessories, Shoes, Flowers etc

✨Break into your shoes by wearing them often, so that your legs will get comfortable with it. To avoid having an unhappy face because of how uncomfortable your shoes are making you feel.

✨Get your vendor list together and send a reminder message to all of them with venue direction (That's if you don't have an event planner) if you have one, just ask him or her about it.

✨Write a heartfelt love note for your spouse to- be and get your beautiful gift ready(That's if you're doing gift too)

✨ Request for a pack away food from your caterer. Your event planner can bring it, if you have one. If don't have a wedding planner, your Chief bridesmaid can go get it.(This is to avoid starving all day)

✨Drink enough water (It helps to radiate your skin)

✨Pick up your Outfits and try them again to confirm it fits perfectly

✨Check in with your bridesmaids to make sure that they all getting ready and if some can't make it again, you can still have some days  to get a backup plan.

✨Take some time off work and get enough sleep.


🌟 Don't use any new facial products on your body or face. To avoid breakouts or rashes. Which you won't want for your big day.

🌟 Don't Wax your face. Unless you've tried it severally before.

🌟 Don't try on any new make up products. It might burn your skin

🌟 Don't colour your hair or dye it(unless you've done it before)

🌟 Don't drink alcohol 

🌟 Don't stress about little things ( I know it's your day and you want everything to be perfect, but sometimes, calm down and allow your Vendor's finish there work)

🌟 Don't fight with vendor's, family or friends

P.S: You and your Bridesmaids should be ready at least "2 Hours" To your wedding service. So that you can comfortably take amazing/beautiful Picture and make lovely Videos. To avoid rushing to church 😊




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