WE ALL BLEED _ Chris Johnvian

 You give life to others yet you bleed,

Unknown to them, they feel your garment is all white!

You're everywhere for others yet no one has an idea the deep cry of your heart when the lights go off and everyone retires to their homes!

You show up for others yet you barely have one who comes through for you too!

You take the stab for them yet your flesh has worn out because of the wounds that hasn't healed yet, but nevertheless you don't mind being the sacrificial lamb so others can breathe!

We all bleed,

On different parts, from different pasts,

We all bleed!

When you see me smile, be rest assured it toke so many nights of weeping to birth such glow that lightens the world of others!

When you see me make others strong, just know that within, the pain of standing encompasses the accolades of men on the outside!

It is not easy for you yet you come through for others!

See how you overlooked your burdens just to carry their heaviness! They think it's all Rossy with you yet they have no idea you also needs help!

To everyone striving out there to light the candle of others, to everyone out there striving to make others smile, to everyone out there bearing the burden of many yet have no one to truly come through for them in the midst of the pain and struggle,

I say thank you and God bless you!

This phase will pass,

The light will shine on us again!

It won't be in vain!

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©Chris Johnvian

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