The only person that can love a man or woman who is a spouse beater; is God, the only person that can love and be patient with a man or woman whose anger causes her to use abusive words is God.

The only person that can tolerate a man or woman who is not a 'calling type' or who does not like communicating with the person he/she claims to be in a relationship with Is God.

The only person that can tolerate a sis and bro who's attitude is that of disrespect to their parents, to their pastor, to elderly, this group of people give no Honour to anyone; hear me the only one that can Tolerate this group of people is God not you, not you.

Bros and sis, the love that is making you feel you can change a person who has not been changed by God is called misleading Emotions, this kind of love can leave you in premium tears and regrets.

Marrying a human whose forgiveness to others is still work in progress, makes your love as human TIRED, when you marry a human who can not control her words and hands when angry makes your love as human  frustrated.

Yes they stand as chorister, some of them stand as ushers, even prayer coordinator, My dear

Stop feeding yourselves with those lines, "I will change her, I will change him'. Only God can be patient with 'those' set of his children.

True love is not defined by how frustrated you are or have been, true love is defined by What joy and peace it brings daily.

They may not be any finished product (perfect in all its ways) but they are men and women who are always in readiness to make life easier because they have Given all of their decisions and actions to the Holy spirit to take over.





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