I Still Can't Explain How My Phone Didn't Fall Off From My Hands.

'So, what's the plan going forward? I think we need to implement this to win more souls or what do you think?'. These were my words to a Christian brother I got to work closely with years ago. We met often but of course in open places to discuss issues pertaining to the growth of the kingdom of God and all we did discuss those times were strictly spiritual issues. Maybe we could just discuss other unrelated things briefly but nothing intimate or private.

I grew to see him as a brother and nothing else even though two people really close to me kept telling me, 'Bro. .. loves you.' I never really took their words seriously because I felt they just couldn't see two people of the opposite sex close without letting their minds run wild. 

Then one day, the unexpected happened. He had called for us to discuss important issues and as expected, we spoke at length over the phone. We got talking and before he dropped the phone, he asked 'Ade, what are you wearing?'. Shocked to my bones but trying to have a hold over myself, I pretended not to have heard him and then he went on to say, 'I love you so much. I'm tired of dying in silence.' 

I quickly interrupted, 'you can't love me. You already know I'm in a serious relationship.' 

The next thing he said shocked me even more, 'I wish I could kiss those lips of yours, even if it's just once.' He went on to tell me the dress I wore the very first day we met, said things I couldn't even remember happened. 

How my phone didn't fall off from my hands is still something I can't explain to date. 

Now, I know you might be thinking what's wrong with a spiritual brother loving me and expressing it. 

Don't worry,read along. 

This week, two major headlines broke out. Firstly, it was the news of Minister Sammie Okposo getting another lady pregnant and insisting on an abortion, when she refused and threatened to come public with it, he played a fast one by being the first to come public with it.

Secondly, the news of Juliana (Tayo Baby) with her once spiritual father Pastor Timilehin Adigun. He sexually molested her and did same to her sister. I watched the videos and funnily enough, he agreed to the things Juliana accused him of while saying he apologized two years back but she said she wasn't ready to forgive him because of how deep it hurts.

From these two stories, none of these men involved were denying the allegations. They all accepted it was true. 

Let me state here that the reason for sharing this isn't to paint any of these people in a bad light but for us all to draw useful lessons from it. As usual, I will share more lessons publicly here and the rest with my WhatsApp family.

πŸ“Œ Firstly, know that people aren't immune to falling. I will always say these people are first men before men of God. I shared my story to show you how ignorant I was then of this fact, I just felt most Spiritual brothers are void of feelings but over the years I've been proven wrong.

What does this tell us? We have to be careful as well. This isn't to make you skeptical of everybody but to let you know people are capable of falling. As you hang around spiritual people, you don't know those who are still fighting strong sexual addictions, so guide yourself and avoid getting too close to your spiritual leaders. 

As you call people 'Brother, Sister, Mummy,Daddy' etc, don't just get careless in the process.

πŸ“Œ Secondly, please men deal with every sexual addiction before you gain prominence. As usual,someone was trying to push the blame to Minister Sammie Okposo's wife saying we can't tell if she was satisfying him sexually until other proofs were made public. It was gathered this wasn't his first, second or third time of doing such. In fact, a reliable source said he has always been like that long before he got married. 

Stolen 'waters' is sweet but the aftermath of it isn't sweet. Just few minutes of what you term 'enjoyment' can cause you years of wilderness experience. 

Pastor Gbile Akanni said something striking in his book, WHAT GOD LOOKS FOR IN HIS VESSEL. He said, 'when the devil wants to deal with you,he makes sure something indelible happens with your first slip into sin.' 

Others can live years in sin but your very first attempt lands you an unwanted pregnancy, sexual scandal etc.

πŸ“Œ Thirdly, listen to your romantic partner more often. There is something about a woman's instinct. Most women know when a lady who you see as 'harmless' has an ulterior motive towards you. They know when those frequent calls and messages just to check up on you aren't just normal, please do not always discard it as her just being jealous or trying to control your life. 

If she is the type that has no problem with you being close to female friends but suddenly start warning you against just one, please take heed before you fall. You won't only regret the fall but also regret why you didn't listen to your spouse.

πŸ“Œ Fourthly, you know yourself more than others know you. You can lie to other people but can't lie to yourself. Oh, you can also lie to yourself but you shouldn't. If you are still struggling with sexual sins that you can't have girls hanging around you without having an erection, please you have no business accepting the post of your fellowship papa when you know tons of female will always have reason to be around you. 

Save yourself by rejecting the position. Yes, you are trusting God to help you overcome it but help yourself too. 

If you are a lady that can't do without being 'laid' daily, please reject the post of a fellowship mama. You don't need that now before you go to visit that new brother who is struggling to find his feet in Christ and end up warming his bed.

I leave you with these words of Bro. Gbile Akanni, Akanni, 'do not take a step thoughtlessly. Do not act presumptuously. Do not place your feet on a path you never ponder upon. Ponder the path of your feet firmly.' 

Also remember, when the devil wants to deal with you, he makes sure something indelible happens with your first attempt into sin.


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