MY ADVICE TO LOVERS_ Allyson Hyacintho

 Listen to me all you who are the circumcision;

We have gone pass morning and night devotions as a couple and just being okay that you're in a godly something.

This 'just going to church' dimension is obsolete. 

This 'afteral we are born again' dimension is obsolete.

We cannot be okay.

When we put all your morning and night devotions together in a whole year, what can it produce?

What can it command?

What authority in God does it possess?

What office are you both occupying in the realm of the Spirit as born again children of God?

In this last days dimension, being a virgin, or keeping a non-sexual relationship is not enough until you are FULL OF GRACE.

There are long time virgins that lack the capacity to carry a mantle for God. 

There are godly relationships that God cannot entrust His purpose. 

There are married Christian couples that cannot dare give the responsibility of nurturing another Jesus project like He did with Mary and Joseph. 

Are you full of grace, or is your abstinence only a social standard?

Bible says "These signs shall follow them that are of the Kingdom."

So what signs are following your chaste singlehood?

What signs are following your godly relationship?

I know you say grace before meals together, but what signs are following that grace?

"We are both workers in our church."

Thank you dear workers for having a good form of godliness in your relationship, but what signs are following that service?

When the angel Gabriel saluted Mary, he said, "Hail, FULL of grace, blessed are you amongst women."

The word "blessed" used here is not a material or intellectual blessing. Its the same meaning with 'having the ability or capacity to do or accommodate something for God.'

So Mary and Joseph weren't just some virgins in a sexually pure relationship, their godliness produced the capacity to carry something for God. They didn't just stop at abstinence, they were FULL OF GRACE!

Meanwhile, you on the other hand, have built a camp on the fact that both of you are not having sex in your relationship. 

You have built a memorial on the fact that you and your husband pray together every night before going to bed. Whereas the strength of your night devotions combined cannot host an encounter with the Holy Spirit. 

 You have been married for 4 years now, prayed together every night, yet you have no experience of an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Haa!!!  For four years of devotion together no encounter with an open heaven. A Form of godliness that lacks the power to produce or transform!

God will not come to you because you are an usher in church while your partner is in the choir and your Pastor knows about your relationship.

No Ma. No Sir. God will come to you because you have built enough capacity with your service to host the dimensions He wants to birth through you two. 

He will come because your service has gathered enough 'Blessing' to produce His power.

If you can hear me, don't stop at being just okay with your level of authority in Christ. Keep pressing for more realms in God. Keep desiring more of the Spirit, until it becomes like fire shut up in your bones.

Glory to God!




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