if you think you cannot hold yourself start finding a wife quickly - Apostle Joshua Selman

 if you think you cannot hold yourself start finding a wife quickly. - Apostle Joshua Selman

I'm very serious, I'm not playing games. I'm not saying you should marry but the bible says if per-adventure in your quest to love God and you find out that you have prayed, you are fasted and you know that this one is not demons again please marry I'm telling you this, please marry, it is biblical.

Just marry obey the bible and don't start arguing with the scriptures. If you have pastor friends or groups, please sit together and talk about this in love.

Don't condemn people and please when somebody comes to meet you and explains that I find myself sleeping around, and you say I knew it, that I've been looking at you I know you are not straight.

No no no that ministry is not given to you because that's the issue. This is the reason why many people are unable to open up because they are afraid. They don't trust us man of God. Somebody comes and opens up and tells you this is the challenge in my life this is what I'm going through and you begin to start telling it around...

As a minister you are a steward don't betray people's trust in you. Are you hearing what I'm saying? Please I'm talking to you, this is an admonishment from the depths of my heart. You feel that there are issues compromising your Christian experience and you need help, by the grace of God. God has anointed some of us to be able to offer you help and with Jesus joy and with every open heart.

I pray for you that the Lord save and deliver you from the power of immorality and flesh in the name of Jesus Christ.



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