LETTER TO MY YOUTH_ Chris Johnvian

 To my youth,

Am aware you won't be here forever,

Am aware like the sun, you will soon fade away like you were never here. 

Am aware you are here on a borrowed time, and you tick every seconds away into eternity as the reign of ageing draws closer.

Am aware I don't have all the time to wear you till I leave earth!

Therefore before you leave,

Am going to do all I was created to do now!

Am going to fight and live life the right way now am young

Am going to maximize you to get the job done before I age

Am going to live everyday like my life depends on it!

I know soon this flesh will age and my body won't shine this well like it does now!

I know soon this breast will sag and my beauty won't be ravishing like it did in my youthful age!

I know soon my man figure will return back to the form of a baby being helped and pushed here and there!

I know this urge.for pleasure won't be here forever!

I know soon my mind will want to be a youth again but my strength will be gone!

To my youth,

Am going to make good use of my time now you are here!

I am not going to mess it up on things that don't matter!

I am going to chase after God and purpose until age tells on me. I am going to maximize every bit of you until I am no more!

Please help me tell my old age that when it comes I'll be ready! Help me tell my old age that when it comes, that I will do my best not to regret or wish I had more time to do what I was meant to do now am young!

Please help me tell my old age that it won't meet me here in regrets and anguish! Help me tell my old age that am getting ready for that season of my life!

To my youth,

I know you're a borrowed time of existence,

I promise I won't waste you!

Love from,

©Chris Johnvian

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