🔺 Selfishness Is Costly.

A pathway to denying self completely is being selfless.

Taking up the book Kathryn Kuhlman, a Spiritual biography of the woman written by Roberts Liardon was never a mistake.

It was written in the book that when she (Kathryn) was only seventeen, she wrote three wise sentences down in a little red book, seemingly some sort of diary or blank notebook. Years later, she picked up that little book and reread those words.

"Whether life grinds a man down or polishes him depends on what he's made of.

A diamond cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials.

Great pilots are made in rough waters and deep seas."

Only from these three wise sentences, many things stirred within me.

The major question that came to me was; Can a man be made without his willingness for the making? 

The answer is capital NO.

From the Life of the extraordinary woman, it's is evident that she died to all forms of self.

She completely trashed out the demon called "Pretence" and genuinely give up herself to be worked upon by the working power of God.

Many great and good works have been set aside for us as individuals but until we are ready to Sacrifice that Self, there is no laying hold on it.

Just like the Hen would do unto its eggs so is Jesus available to do unto as many that are ready. He is ready to brood and bring out that best in you and me.

Yet, another lesson to learn from Kathryn, she Surrendered herself.

She was willing and yielding to go through whatever it is that she have to go through regardless of challenges.

She Sacrifices herself so that those parts that need to be grounded are grounded out.

She understands that selfishness is costly that her selfless nature was so evident in her Meetings.

It is a season to stay through the process. 

Kathryn stayed through the process of grinding and polishing.

The friction was much, yet she stayed through.

I said to myself "If the Friction is more than this, I would stay. Great Pilots are made in rough waters and deep Seas".

If you want to be great, don't expect little things to come your way.

Endure the friction and stop making your life fictional, be real. God didn't create a fake you!

Stay through the process and Fight the good fight of Faith.

The aim is to finish the course.

Great men are confronted with great challenges. 

What is the aim? The aim is not to be birth prematurely but to be birth into that man or woman that would transcend time.

Let us die to ourselves and completely stay through the process that we may become like Kathryn Kuhlman a woman who transcends time!.

Faith Agi.

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