listen to me,  i will teach you what i live by. you will never at anytime find me sit down in regret, trying to say lord you did not do this,  lord you have not yet done this, lord when would you do this, lord you did not finish doing this, it's a risk to loose joy in this kingdom 


i will sing...... 

and i will praise 

even in my darkness time 

i lift my hands to honor you

because your word is true.


God is not a man,  He does not lie,

Apostle you don't know what am passing through, am not even sure if am still a student or not,  the Last time i checked my results  i didn't look to the end,

apostle you don't know how many people am owing right now, am owing millions and millions of naira i could not sleep. 

it's a choice, listen to me let me tell you this, if crying does not  solve the problem try joy. 

because in any case you're already in trouble, so don't be afraid to explore,  you are already in trouble.

you have called your uncle he said you didn't call me Last week am so sorry, if you have only called me last week,

but you can turn back and say lord i don't  know the name of the job i need,  but I know the name of the lord is a strong  tower,.........

and while you are saying that all kinds of calls that are threatening you are coming,

rejoice, somewhere along the lines YEHUSHUA the God that saves Will show up.

©️ Apostle Joshua Selman

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