SOMETHING IS STILL INSIDE (An encounter with a Mad Man). - Igwe Princelamb.


(Please read till the end.....)

A mad man saw a man who had finished licking an orange and threw it away. At his sighting of that, this mad man rushed and picked up the orange and squeezed out some more juice from the orange into his mouth and he said to the man who threw away the orange "something is still inside".

This left the man in awe...

This encounter with a mad man and his statement reveals the whole nature of man and life and is very much contrary to how God sees us most times.

It is easy to quickly point out the flaws of life, the usefulness of a thing, and even an immediate conclusion of a person. It is easy to criticize the weakness of people and how that they just can't do it right, how they are good for nothing.

Criticism is not difficult. Come on! Everyone knows how to do that, it's simple. Why not try something as challenging as seeing the value in people, pointing out the little remains in them that could make them better people.

I mean, something as difficult as squeezing out the juice from life and saying to them although men may have thrown you away, yet I see something inside of you. They are not better but they could be better.

I have come to realize that people do much better when they are encouraged when they are in an environment that praises and appreciates their little effort other than when they are criticized. Criticism seizes people from being better and doing better.

Don't throw it away, something is still inside.



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